Post your projects here so we can ooh! and aaah! over them!  :)


note: design team members can't post layouts till peeks on the 25th and reveal at midnight on the 3oth, but they can post sneak peek shots, so maybe you will get some early looks at what's in store for may!

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Here's a tiny sneak from me. I've got two done - and like 4 partials!

partials?  this is donkey kong, not dentistry briana!  ;)

Holy moly, I can't wait for May if these sneaks are anything to go by! LOVE what you did with the vellum, Doris!

Those colours are beautiful. Can't wait to see more ;)

Partials! Heehee!

I got 2 more layouts and 4 cards done at the weekend, but my cat is literally in labour on my lap right now so photo opportunities are a little lacking, LOL!

Kittens?!?!?!  I want a kitten!!  

kittens???!!!!  i want one too!  our cats are 9 years old and g is 8, so he's never had a kitten.  i want to get him one so badly.

bwaha - honestly giggled out loud.

I could have written the *exact same* thing, D. My cats are 8 and 13 and I miss having a kitten. My kids have never had a kitten (they are 6 and 4). Except I think I want a kitten worse than my kids.

Partials, for me, lol, means basic design is in place with photos, and title but all that is lacking is journaling and embellishment bits. I scrap well on the partial system. I get like 4 partials going all at the same time. I like to move from one to the other when I get stumped on one. :) 

I want a kitten too so I can do a little mini book like Doris did....It is so cute...of course I would love the little kitten too and not just for the

how are the new kittens amanda?  do we get pictures?  looks like we've already got 3 of them given away, lol.

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