i saw a bit of the December kit today.  let's just say there'll be a little krafting on the farm.  it looks to be very inspiring.  this just might be the month that i open up a can on you briana!  anybody in for a little kit race this month?  the most i've ever managed with one month's kits was 10 layouts and 20 cards.  that was a fun month!

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Hey, you are on girl...hey can you hook me up and get my kit early? lol  Our last kit race was alot of fun and we got lots of pages done.  I can hardly wait.


oh my gosh - i can't wait to see it!  i think i may just watch from the bleachers rooting everyone on!


although, i must say, the last 'race', i did create my record number ....

you can use your november kit louise!


haha betsy!  put on your running shoes girl!

Alrighty then....I just got my kit yesterday and I'm ready to go....Come on Betsy.  Don't just watch...get in on it.  The more the merrier!!  Whoohoo...just what I needed to get my butt in gear...I've been feeling kinda blahzy so  I needed this perk me up...


ha.  i had the blahzies last month.  shake it off!

can't wait to see the sneeks!!

i'm in. i have 2 so far with the nov. kit. and working on the third.  nothing will get done this weekend because we are going to visit jake ( my son) . i can not wait!! i haven't seen him for 4 months. 

but i'll be back to scrapping on tues.


Hey Julie...I have one done so far, working on the 3rd and 4th pages to make a double page layout. 

Have fun visiting your son!  


Attention!  I think Doris is throwing us hints here!  Is it really strange that I thought of that on my way to work today?


I'm focusing on:  farm ....  can ...  (as in "tin" maybe) ......

hello my friend louise!


i just finished my third and that will probably be it until i get back since we are leaving tomorrow. 

betsy,i'm thinking it is the new october afternoon line????

i'm not picking up on the "tin" hint. can you give us another?


julie - i have no idea what the kit contains - but doris is a crafty little gal (in more ways than one) and i think she's throwing hints up there - and the donkey kong - is there a farm on donkey kong?  i haven't played in a while ...


you might be right with the october afternoon ...  and the "can" she mentioned - can we think "can" ... tin can ... "tin" ... as in those little button tins?

the only hints i gave were in this sentence, " let's just say there'll be a little krafting on the farm," but Betsy may have stumbled upon an inadvertent one.  :)

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