Challenge: Create a layout that documents a series of photos arranged in sequential order.  Grab your camera and snap a few shots of your silly pet (as I did below) or someone you love, or find that self-timer and take a bunch of self-portraits. You can arrange the photos vertically, horizontally, into strips, or into a grid -- just get 'em scrapped, and enjoy the process!  

There will be a $10 gift card to JBS Mercantile randomly awarded to one participant of this challenge.  To be entered to win, create a layout that follows the challenge guidelines, and post an image of the layout on this thread (or post a link to it on this thread).  You will have until 7:00 p.m. CST on Sunday, July 1st to complete this challenge.  Winners will be announced Monday morning.  Good luck! 

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This is such a great way to capture more of a 'story'. Fabulous layout and great challenge too :-)

I actually just got a set of photos with my kids jumping in the pool and acting like nuts that would be really perfect for this challenge.

Oh my, this is such a great layout and idea!

I always have to take several shots to get all my boys to smile (and there's five so you can tell here its hard to get them all together too!) It didn't come out in the photo very well, but I used June's stamp as a watermark in the the right hand corner.

I used a strip of vintage photos for this challenge - I like to imagine the fun time that these two people must have had while they were in the photo booth.

Oh for cool! The old photo strip, wow, and the feathers!! Doris will love that! Very pretty!

Awwww, that's cute! I love how you wrapped the title around the picture - like that look and how it also frames the last picture. Also like that you were able to get 3 4x6 (or close) on here with extra room to play.

aloha Jill.  I needed a double pager to finally scrap our bike ride across the Golden gate bridge. I don't  think i'm linking these right. I'm using rt click from the gallery "save link"  is that how??


when i clicked, it went to a different pic than i thought i'd saved from the gallery. Let's see if a direct download works.


Yes!  Way to go with this challenge, Nancy!  I love to see group photos in a series. Outtakes are always hilarious, am I right?  :)  

Wow, Christina! This is vintage loveliness at its best -- with a BRILLIANT repurposing of that JBS crepe ribbon.  And the peacock feather?  Gorgeous addition. 

Yay, it worked, Glee!  Terrific use of the photos here.  I am always an admirer of a solid two-pager like this. ;) 

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