THE GAME starts March 1st!  Who's playing?  :)

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ME!!! I love calvinball!

Count me in for sure!!

I am in...I have no idea what we are talking about, but I am up for a challenge... Go.calvinball!! wahoo...what is it again. ;0

I'm not sure what we are talking about either, but I'll give it a try!!  More details Doris.... :):)

You KNOW I'm in! 

i posted a bit more information here for the newbies . . .

start your engines girls!  it's almost time . . . :)

Thanks for the added info Doris!!  I'm in...but go easy on me ladies...LOL!!

Cleaned off my table today... am ready!

cleaned my desk off too rita!

Oh no! We need a clean scrap space?!?!

I am getting nervous...cleaned desk? So should I be getting anything else ready yikes! Still looking forward to it ...

My slow-scrapping turtle self is reporting for duty! I can't wait to see what the month holds. My goal is to best last year's record -- that is, my own record:

Calvinball points: 28.5
Calvinblog points: 31 (as of this post)
Bonus/handicap points: 14.5

1 for hyping it
1 for grading student papers
5 for challenges
1.5 for cleaning area and posting photos
3 points for scrapping photos within 7 days of taking them
1 point for scrapping on vacation
1 point for the working wounded
1 for procrastination perk

Grand total: 74 points

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