We'd love some inspiration for our Rubix Cube game!  Share your favorite or most recent grid layouts here!

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I go through phases where I am completely addicted to the grid.  This is one of my favorites.  It's based on a 2x3 grid, only the two boxes in the bottom right quadrant have been fused together.

I made this one from the November 2011 kit.

I made this one quite a while ago and i reaaaaalllly  like this one. I used vintage wallpaper for the frames.

I remember this one. I loved it. Especially how you used the snowflake stamp for a summer page. But the grid with the "fused" part as you put it is a really nice design. 

Oooh Doris love this challenge :)

This is a layout I created recently using the grid as inspiration, it was a trend post for a company I work for in OZ! to create the grid I cut first a mask out of scrap paper and then made a basic square pattern with the gesso and then added grid lines with my sewing machine.

Louise :) xx

I made this one yesterday:

This remains one of my faves....

From the January 2011 kit! :)

Here is one that I made recently.  I have another one that is all stamps - I'll have to find it and post it too.



i love grids!  these are all such great inspiration!  so many fun things to try!  maybe i shall scrap today!

here's my most recent grid.  a 2x2.  now i'm going to hunt up my grid with the most squares!

thinking i can beat lisa's 4x3 . . .

Here are of a few of my (somewhat) recent grid LOs: 

since we're a wonky grid group, how about this . . .

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