Are you ready for a fun new retro JBS Mercantile game?  How about the Rubix Cube?  This one is so easy!  It's based on my favorite design - the grid!  There are only 3 rules.  Just THREE!  Join in the fun!  It's a scrappy puzzle you can definitely solve!


The Rubix Cube Rules:

1. Base your layout on the grid design.

2. Use at least one JBS Mercantile stamp.

3. You can enter as many times as you like, but each entry must have a different sized grid (ie 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 4x4, etc.)


This game runs from now until June 3rd at midnight CST.  We'll draw a winner for a $25 JBS Mercantile gift card shortly thereafter.  If we have 21 or more participants, we'll add an extra $25 gift card winner, so recruit your friends!

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oh goodie! Time to dust off the old grid skills :) It's been a long time that I've made a grid page. Fun!

I like grids!!  :)

OK...this looks like fun.  I can't wait to give it a try...Just got my new JB May kit in the mail and it looks awe---some!!


see you in the "grid"

haha louise!  funny!  did you see betsy put up an awesome new banner and it says "get your grid on" . . . ?  hee.

Love Betsy's rubix cube banner...That is SO neat...I need to write in my blog better so I can use those cute little banners on the side...

Sweet!  My favorite layout to scrap - grids !!!

I will happily play along. just one thing though...I am horrible at getting things to line up straight. So look for some crooked grids from me.;)

Yay, another fun game :) I've been sick the past few days so looking forward to getting my strength back with a little grid scrappin'!

Nobody said they have to be straight - I sure hope not anyway, LOL!

Isn't one of the 10 scrappy commandments something like "Thou shalt not judge one's ability to scrap in straight lines" ;)

that's a good thing. Neither ruler nor other measuring tools will ever seem to help me get a straight line. LOL Perhaps I need to try for crooked and the lines with end up straight. ;)

This sounds fun, and much more possible than the real Rubix cube was to solve!

Love Grids, Love my JBS stamps but the later are strips, so this is a challenge indeed.  Also perfect timing for my monthly A - Z challenge, which is use stash starting with 'J' in June.

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